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In honor of Do Something Nice day, you can download our Love Letter page from A Little Christian's 123s Coloring & Activity Book. We hope your kids and their loved ones enjoy it!

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We have a large and growing collection of coloring pages available for you to use at home, in church, in preschool, or wherever else it would be helpful and fun! 


From ONE God to the TEN Commandments, A Little Christian's 123s is a fun and playful read! Your child will enjoy the colorful pictures and memorable rhymes while learning numbers and Bible stories. In the end, readers will be reminded of what matters most of all!

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This book was lovingly designed for the Little Christians in your life, and each page will help your littles to grow in familiarity with numbers and Bible stories.


The Seedlings Books newsletter is the BEST way to stay up to date on the goings on, behind the scenes info, sneak peeks, and much more!

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